HOW TOmanage mental wellness
while living with wAIHA.

Because wAIHA is an uncured rare disease with symptoms that can be difficult to manage, it's often challenging for a person living with the condition to manage the ups and downs of their mental wellness.

And while mental wellness is a journey for anyone, we wanted to provide a few tips from our wAIHA Warriors community on small, daily acts that anyone can use to help mitigate these struggles.
Join an
online community
Building your support network from a community who has experienced a similar diagnosis can help you cope with fear, uncertainty, and isolation.

You can find fellow Warriors at the following online destinations:
Find your voice
Sharing your story can help provide empowerment and ownership over your wAIHA diagnosis, while helping others navigate their own journeys with the condition. You can learn more about other Warrior Stories, and share your own, by clicking on the button below.
Take care
of your body
Staying safe and healthy is key!
It is important to get enough rest, take deep breaths, and meditate.
+ support group
Staying safe and healthy is key!
It is important to get enough rest, take deep breaths, and meditate.
Learn more
about the condition
Learning about how wAIHA works and its impact can help you feel more in control of the condition. Our Warriors Resource Hub makes it easy to learn about this rare disease.
wAIHA Resources HubWhat would you want to learn?
Connect to new treatment options
While there is no cure for wAIHA yet, multiple teams are researching treatments for the condition. You can explore available options by clicking below:
Explore treatment options

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We are wAIHA Warriors.

Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (wAIHA) is a rare autoimmune condition. Many people who have other autoimmune diseases may not even know they have it, and it’s often difficult to diagnose.  

This community has been built so that you can share your experiences, find others with similar journeys, and bring as many resources as possible – all in one place.  

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